Publisher: Brick Cave Books
Pages (Print Edition):
Format(s): Paperback, e-book
Genre: Urban Fantasy
ISBN-13: 9781938190346
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About Collars and Curses:

Think being a High School sophomore is hard? Try doing it when your messed up genetic code turns you into a wolf every full moon. Not only does Merissa have to deal with high school divas, bullies and pop quizzes, she also has to hide the awkward truth that once a month she really does get bitchy. And just when she thinks she’s found someone she to whom she can actually relate, her new classmate Bree turns out to be an arrogant witch.


If they weren’t the only non-Norms in the entire town of Fair Glen—aside from the annoying half-Elf, Jeryd, who shows up and complicates things—Merissa might not give Bree the time of day. But when Bree is drawn into a curse that causes chaos at school and threatens the town, Merissa must find a way to vanquish the dark power behind the curse and keep her parents from finding out about it. All without failing biology


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