5 Ways Readers Can Support Their Favorite Authors (Indie or Otherwise)

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Show Some Book Love

Readers love books and authors, we know this. But sometimes, being a writer can feel like a lonely pursuit. As solitary as some of us are, we really do appreciate knowing that readers care, that they love the characters and stories we create and we are thrilled when they say nice things about us in public forums. Writing is work we love that becomes more joyful when readers let us know they care! Here are 5 Ways Readers Can Support Their Favorite Authors and let us know you care about our stories.


1) Post Reviews

It’s great to post a review on Amazon, but there are plenty of other places to post reviews. And you don’t have to write a new one, either. Just cut and paste your review in all the places you frequent.

Other places to post book reviews include:

Tweet it out
Post on Instagram

And when you post your review on your SM platforms, make sure to tag the author. They will want to boost your post.


2) Maximize Positive Amazon Reviews

Authors love good reviews. We love knowing that our books are resonating with readers.

But did you know that it’s not only helpful to review books on Amazon, but that you can boost a good review by hitting the “Helpful” button below it? Reviews that receive the most “Helpful” clicks rise to the top of the review list and are automatically set to be the first reviews new readers will see.

It’s helpful to click the “Helpful” button. So, help your favorite authors by boosting a good review of their books!


3) Recommend an Author and/or Their Book to Others

Word of mouth, from one reader to another, is an incredibly effective way to support an author. Helping authors gain new readers is a great way to help spread the word. You can also recommend an author’s book on your favorite Book Community sites. You don’t have to be a BookTokker or an Instagram Reels wizard to post a recommendation in your readers FaceBook group, or other Reader Communities.


4) Share the Book (and Links) on Your Socials

You can share books on Twitter, on Instagram, or anywhere else you hang out. A simple, “Hey, I liked this book, you should read it,” is a great way to help promote a book and author you love.


5) Show Up (In-person or Virtually)

Authors show up to book stores, libraries, book festivals, and readings. They do webinars, Discord events, and go live on Instagram and FaceBook. These are all great opportunities to show some love. Many of the above listed appearances are free for readers to attend. All you have to do to support is show up! (Though, buying a book is always nice, too.)


So, if want to show an author some book love, you can’t go wrong with one or more of these 5 Ways Readers Can Support Their Favorite Authors.


Here are some handy links to my books, just in case you’d like to show me some book love. 😉


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