Five Places to Donate On Giving Tuesday

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5 Places to Donate this Giving Tuesday with cascading heats on both sides.

November 28, 2023 is Giving Tuesday in the United States. Giving Tuesday is all about donating our time, energy and resources to organizations that work to support others and improve lives and communities.

Here are five places I will be donating on Giving Tuesday this year and why. Sometimes it is difficult for us to identify the things that are most important yo us. Each of the organizations on the below list does important work that is near and dear to me.

The Mesa Book Festival, an annual event where authors and readers can meet and mingle. And there are lots and lots of awesome books!

Because…I love a good book festival. I mean, spending time with books and authors and readers! What’s not to love? Also, full disclosure, I am a board member and co-founder of the organization that created and facilitates the event, Anthology, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) Literary Nonprofit dedicated to promoting performance poetry and associated literary arts in the greater Phoenix community by providing opportunities for artists to perform their work and by making spokenword arts accessible to a diverse audience. Since 1994 Anthology has produced literally thousands of literary events, published over 10 years of literary journals and produced countless tremendous moments of excitement and fun.


Kids Need to Read, founded with a passion to improve the lives of disadvantaged children by providing inspiring book collections and engaging literacy programs to underfunded schools, libraries, and organizations across the nation, Kids Need to Read aspires to empower and embolden every last child through a culture of reading. For many of the children it serves, Kids Need to Read represents a crucial link to a strong literacy education, and its programs help build and nurture support systems for the development of literate minds. By immersing children in an integrated world of literary experiences that teaches them, firsthand, the impact of reading on every aspect of life, imagination is ignited and confidence is built for a prosperous future, regardless of race, economic status, or personal capabilities.

Because…sticking with a literacy theme, reading is a critical fundamental skill, and I believe all kids deserve to learn and explore and imagine through story.


Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary, provides a permanent home for unwanted, neglected and abused animals. The Animal Sanctuary is home to horses, dogs as well as other farm animals and operates completely on donations received. Great Spirit Animal Sanctuary is also implementing programs for various boys and girls organizations to help teach stewardship of animals.

Because…Every life is precious and animals deserve to be loved and cared for. Also, as Immanuel Kant is quoted, “He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” I am also a board member of this amazing nonprofit organization.


Oakwood Creative Care began as Sirrine Adult Day Health Services in 1975. The founders dreamed of a nonprofit that would provide an innovative solution to helping older adults remain in their homes for as long as possible, while staying connected to the community as their health care needs were being met. The organization was rebranded in 2013, as Oakwood Creative Care and provides a care model that sparks JOY for older adults. The care model for seniors offers a new paradigm of thinking for home and community-based services. Oakwood is committed to creating a fun, supportive, and engaging space which inspires moments of JOY. Their senior care model honors personhood, aims to enhance self-esteem, decreases anxiety and depression, and ignites purpose.

Because…we are an aging society, and our loved ones deserve to be treated with care and love, not warehoused in institutions when they are no longer able care for themselves and Oakwood not only provides a place where they can still participate in social and creative activities, but provides training, support and respite for caregivers. If you are not already a caregiver, chances are good that you will be. Or you may one day need to be cared for. For more on this, see my post “As My Mother Disappears…”


Military Women’s Memorial, the leading memorial and education center honoring the commitment, contributions and experiences of Servicewoman. As the only historical repository documenting all military women’s service, this valuable organization educates and inspires through innovative and interactive exhibitions, world-class collections, and engaging programs and events for all generations. The Military Women’s Memorial  records and preserves stories that would otherwise be lost to history and unknown to future generations.

Because…I am a proud U.S. Navy veteran and the history of women in the services is too often overlooked or left out of the historical narrative. Did you know that three million women have served in or with the Armed Forces since the American Revolution? Women have been and are


Where will you donate this Giving Tuesday?

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