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Image from Goodreads showing the covers of 90 books Sharon read in 2023

It’s January and time to take a look back at my year in books.


I love to read, and I have always been an eclectic and voracious reader. While I have a special love of speculative fiction, particularly fantasy,  I consistently read across genres and categories. Every book a writer reads can serve as a mentor text. We can learn so much about story and writing craft simply from reading and analyzing books.

I have worked hard to be more accurate about in tracking the books I have read the past few years. Though, I have a tendency to read and track them in batches, rather than one at a time.

There are a lot of great tools for tracking books. I actually use BookBuddy to keep track of my writing books. But for tracking the books I read each year, I still use Goodreads. I find it user friendly, and I like the way I can set up specific book shelves and pull detailed stats for the year. I also like the way you can see all the covers at once and grab a screen shot of that.


According to my tracking:

  • I read 90 books.
  • My average number of pages per book clocked in at 260. (Almost 40 pages more per book than last year.)
  • My total number of pages read hit 23,489. (More than 3K more than last year.)

Image from Goodreads showing Sharon's 2023 Book stats summary, including shortest book (32 pages) and longest book (640 pages).

MY YEAR IN PICTURE BOOKS Because I have book coaching clients writing Picture Books (PB), I read a number of PBs each year. I study these books to help my clients understand the market, what’s being published, how authors and/or illustrators are creating meaningful picture books books for readers. This year, I remembered to track 14 of the PBs I read. I will need to do a better job of tracking these in 2024.

Image from Goodreads showing the covers of the picture books Sharon read and tracked this year.


As a freelance editor and book coach, my reading year includes quite a few pre-published manuscripts not represented here. This post covers the post-published works that I consumed in 2023.   If you have a Goodreads account, you can find me there. Pop in to my Goodreads profile and see what I am reading. And if you’re interested in reading what I write, you can check out some of my books, like The Healer’s Legacy Trilogy, or my newest MG novel, Lostuns Found. Or, if you like something a little darker, check out my collection of dark fantasy and light horror with a bit of humor. Blood From a Rose.

I also wrote a post for Shepherd’s Best Books of 2023 page about three of my favorite books from my 2023 reading.

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