Things That Make You Say, Yum! Or All I Want for My Birthday is Dinner at the Greekfest

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Tonight, Bob and I went out to dinner to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Being of a pragmatic age, it made more sense to go out on Saturday night, when we could schedule dinner at a reasonable hour, rather than waiting until Tuesday after work.

Earlier, when Bob asked what I wanted for my b-day, I told him no gifts, just dinner at my all time favorite restaurant, the Greekfest on Camelback in Phoenix.

We haven’t been to the Greekfest in almost two years, but lovely co-owner, Susan, still remembered us when she stopped by our table to chat.

Dinner began with a nice glass of wine and the incredibly tasty cheese saganaki. We all yelled Opa! as the flame was ignited and the cheese sizzled as the waiter squeezed fresh lemon juice over the dish.

After a lovely Greek salad, we both indulged in the rack of lamb, our favorite Greekfest entree. As always, the lamb was cooked to perfection and we gnawed the bones clean, savoring every incredible herb-slathered morsel.

Finally, our tongues danced a hoochie-koo around the amazing flavors of an awesome tiramisu and a kahlua mousse cake washed down with sips of Greek coffee.

Color me sated!

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