What Readers Want

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Woman lying on piles of books and reading to illustrate what readers want.

As a writer (and a book coach), I have opinions about a lot of things, including what I think makes a satisfying book/story.

Writers are always looking for the breakout novel that will reach bestseller lists, right? Of course, was much as we wish there was a secret recipe for creating a book that will catch fire, in reality, it takes a magical combination of just the right topic, execution, and timing to turn the spark of an idea into a blaze that catches on.

But I recently found myself wondering, if there is a way to determine what readers really want from writers. Lo and behold, I didn’t have to look far to find a fabulous report that delves into just that.

While it isn’t a magical recipe, this great article from Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) about what readers want from writers is chock full of fascinating information.



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