Whirlwind of Book Events

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Dust devil looking cloud against sunset, depicting my whirlwind of book events.

Book Events and Author Appearances are standard for me.

This year has already been a whirlwind of book events. From the Kyrene Young Writers Conference, to Read Across America Day, Tucson Festival of Books, Renaissance Festival, Mesa Book Crawl, and the LA Times Festival of Books, etc.

And, as the early season of book events winds down, I am feeling relieved to be able to take some time to refocus some of my energy on writing.



As authors, we have so many things pulling at us beyond creating and drafting good stories. There is, of course, revision and editing, to make the stories sing. Then there is the social media we do to stay in touch with readers. And, for many of us, there are talks to give, workshops to teach, schools visits, webinars, conferences, and book events.

Don’t get me wrong, book events are great. It’s time I get to spend connecting with readers. There is nothing like seeing a fan excited for my next book. Or hearing how meaningful and/or joyful my stories are for them. It’s encouraging and motivating to hear from a reader who can’t wait for that next book. And it’s gratifying to see the writers I talk to light up with fresh motivation to keep working and creating. I love that.

But, as much as I love interacting with readers and signing books, it can be hard to focus on writing the next book when you’re caught up in the whirlwind. It’s nice to have some down time from the travel and public appearances and book events. I not only need the time to recharge, but to spend time with my characters and their stories without worrying about that next panel or making plane and hotel arrangements.



That said, I really only have a couple of weeks before I start my term as a 2023 Arizona State Library Writer in Residence. May through June I will be teaching workshops and providing one-on-one office hour consultations for writers at the Chandler Basha and Main Library Branches. It’s work I love, but it is also a big commitment.

Thankfully, part of the time I spend at the library branches during my Writing Residency will be designated to my own writing. The WIP has picked up momentum, so I am excited to finish the manuscript drafting and get it into the hands of my Beta readers and my editor. I know my publisher is chomping at the bit to know it will be completed on time! So, it’s nice to be between book events and have a short respite from the whirlwind.


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