Return to Anoria- Cover Reveal- Release Date Information

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Fans of The Nelig Stones, Brick Cave Media has a full announcement evening plan for you on September 8, 2020 around the release of Return to Anoria, the second book of The Nelig Stones series from author Sharon Skinner.

Join Sharon for the special Zoom Tuesday, September 8 at 6:30pm MST for the cover reveal.
Immediately following the Virtual Event, Sharon will be on the BC Book Club Forums to answer questions from Book Club Members about the upcoming book.

Also on September 8, Brick Cave (and Sharon) will announce-

  • Release date for Diamond Dragon BC Book Club Membersl
  • Release date for Sapphire Dragon BC Book Club Membersl
  • Release date for the publicl
  • And, we will have a special surprise announcement as well

To RSVP for the zoom announcement:


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