Writing Support: Priceless!

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Sometimes, the writing chugs along like a well-oiled airship and sometimes it clanks and stutters like a rusty steam engine. And then there are those other times, when the writing isn’t the challenge, but the turbulence of life and the business of books take over and challenge me to navigate my way through the choppy air while trying not to look down.

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This is when discipline and good time management skills truly come into play. A large measure of proactive planning doesn’t hurt, either. But one of the key elements is the ability to let go and to delegate whenever possible. Writing may seem very solitary at times, but to do it well takes positive writing support from a cadre of individuals. Whether you work with beta readers, editors, publishers, agents, book designers, assistants, or just plain cheerleaders of your work, you need to be able to let those people do their bit to help carry the project forward.

I’m lucky to have a lot of great people in my corner, including fabulous fans, who cheer me on and look forward anxiously for the next book. I am thankful to all my writing supporters, you help me soar and carry me forward even when I feel like things are flagging. Thank you!


Next stop, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore Birthday Bash! This Saturday, May 7, 2016, I will be there signing and talking about books and writing with a fabulous group of authors. My spotlight panel is in the afternoon, but I will be there all day, hanging out with wordsmiths and book lovers and soaking up the bookstore and story auras. Oh, and there will be cake!

Here are the deets:

On Saturday, May 8, 1993, a new store opened in Clairemont Square, dedicated to the staff’s passion for books of “Martians, Murder, Magic and Mayhem.” Today, more than twenty years later, that passion continues. We invite you to join us on Saturday, May 7, for our annual all-day celebration, featuring some fantastic spotlight authors, a celebration of our still new to us location, and, of course, cake!

10:00 AM: Mystery Morning
Authors Gregory Harris, Linda O. Johnston, Kwei Quartey, and Lida Sideris

11:00 AM: Middle Grade Magic
Authors Cameron Baity and Benny Zelkowicz

Noon: Young Adult Author Panel
Authors Elizabeth Briggs, Jennifer Brody, Tobie Easton, Eric Laster, and Sara Wolf

1:00 PM: Discussing Dragons
Authors Marie Brennan and Todd Lockwood

2:00 PM: Suspense Spotlight
Authors Kelley Armstrong, Daryl Wood Gerber, Elena Hartwell, and Gavin Scott

3:00 PM: CAKE!

3:30 PM: Fantastic Speculations
Authors Marie Andreas, Gini Koch, Jonathan Maberry, and Sharon Skinner


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