Dear Fry’s Electronics

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Dear Fry’s Electronics,

After waiting ten years for our local Fry’s Electronics store to get a theme, I was crushed to discover that, unlike the stores I have visited in northern California and those I have heard about elsewhere, wherein the theme is related to geekdom in some way, ours is . . . Golf.

I would have been thrilled to see Egyptian statues, Mayan temples, or, as in the Dallas store, space related NASA icons, but . . . We got golf.



It isn’t that I have anything against the fine sport of golf. It’s just that my inner geek is, well, teed off that after ten years of waiting for a theme you couldn’t come up with something more appropriate.

Even a Sonoran desert theme would have been better than:

Floors inlaid with green and blue tile shaped like greens and water hazards.
Giant golf balls holding up green carpeted display tables.
Huge wall hangings of famous golfers.

Now, I admit the new layout is nice and clean and has a more spacious feel than the old, but golf?

Bottom line: it just isn’t on par with what you’ve done in other stores.

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