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As the duly appointed webmaster and site updater, I (Bob) thought I would share some Skinneresque news with you.  So, I’ll start with what Sharon’s been up to. She just got done working on the 2011 edition of the Steampunk Street in DT Mesa, hosting the fashion show and showcasing her two newest creations,

Book News

Now, you might say to yourself, “Self, that’s a lot of work, that keeps me pretty busy”. Alas, dear Reader, that’s just the beginning. Finally, we have some news here on the home front about Sharon’s next book. For those of you who need an update, Sharon had agreed to terms with Brick Cave Media to publish her children’s fantasy, The Nelig Stones. So, BCM started working on the illustrations to pull a cover together.

Before they could get very far down the path, however, Sharon came BACK to BCM and offered an additional manuscript, a young adult fantasy, The Healer’s Legacy. It was a bit of a coup so to speak for the small publisher, and it created a sort of embarrassment of riches, when combined with J.A. Giunta‘s Ascension Trilogy, and the existing lineup of books that BCM still has to get published.

So, where does that leave Sharon’s next books?

BCM is working to line up an illustrator for The Healer’s Legacy, and will set the release date for that book based on that timetable. The Nelig Stones, which will be illustrated in house, will be released after Legacy. Both should be out before the end of 2012, but don’t quote us on that. BCM has also broached the subject of additional manuscripts with Sharon, but those talks are ongoing so nothing new to report there.

And there you have it, fine Readers, news from the Sharonverse…

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