The Healer’s Legacy, Nelig Stones, and More

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Hello everyone,

The lovely Ms S is a bit under the weather this week, so I, the webmaster, would like to update you in the goings on in the Sharonverse.

As you may or may not know, Sharon has had 2 additional of her manuscripts picked up by Brick Cave MediaThe Nelig Stones and The Healer’s Legacy. Originally, because Brick Cave had picked up Nelig first, that was the book scheduled to be released, in 2011.

Well, Sharon offered Healer’s to BCM as well, and they jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, that meant putting everything on hold and re-planning how to release both books. Additionally,  an artist for the cover of The Healer’s Legacy also needed to be sought out. That search ended a week ago with a contract for the tremendous artist Thitipon Dicruen to produce the Cover for Healer’s, and both Brick cave and Sharon decided to release The Healer’s Legacy first.

So, The Healer’s Legacy, what is it?


“Running from an abusive relationship with a powerful Warlord, a young woman flees toward the land of her mother’s people. She is harried by mercenaries and finally forced to fight, not only for her freedom, but for the lives of those she comes to love.”

At least, that’s all the hint I am able to put in this post. They’ll be some new websites popping up next week, and some more posts as we get closer to a firmer release date. If all goes well, the release date for the book should be February, 2012, and Sharon will be making appearances at the 2012 Leprecon with the book, as well as at the 2012 Phoenix Comicon.

Look for The Nelig Stones to appear in the second half of 2012, and more information forthcoming on that book. In the meantime, any questions regarding the book can be ushered over to Sharon’s Official Facebook Page.

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