Payson Book Festival 2016

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We spent last Saturday at the Payson Book Festival. It was a very well-run event. The organizers and volunteers were awesome and we had a good time meeting new readers and getting to know some new Arizona authors, as well.

Payson Book Festival 2016
All set up and ready for the day to begin.

As usual with an author, a Story Monster lurked nearby. 😉

A Story Monster lurks over the authors shoulder.
Story Monster lurks over my shoulder.

 I also got a chance to say hello to this guy:

w/ Man of the Forest
With Parry “The Man of the Forest” Morton

After the book festival, we headed up to Jerome. Ate a non-Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat at the Mile High Grill

Went for a walkabout town, took in the views and generally relaxed. 


Then stayed in the Victorian Rose room at the Mile High Inn  upstairs from the grill.

Jerome1 Jerome2

Next week, I am in Los Angeles, attending the SCBWI Summer Conference. I’ll be listening to and learning from some amazing authors there and plan to come back reinvigorated and recommitted to the writing.

Also, in August you can catch me teaching (and co-presenting) craft and marketing workshops in Mesa, Sedona and Tucson. Check out my upcoming appearances here:


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